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ArtLine Ltd.

Driven by our passion for beauty and design, we are committed to enhancing the environments people live and gather in. That’s why we’ve made ArtLine an all-encompassing destination for your project needs from start to finish. Our team’s expertise in design, architecture, and manufacturing makes what we offer unique to the industry.

Over the past 26 years, ArtLine has transitioned from art gallery to full-service design and manufacturing source for interior designers, architects, and their clients. We use our collective expertise to help clients like you visualize your design and bring it to life with our in-house team of interior designers, manufacturers, and installers. Whether that’s creating a personalized, home-like feel for a memory or veteran care facility or designing a room that represents your corporate mission, ArtLine delivers an environment that brings joy to the end-users.

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Meet Our Team


Will is the creative mind behind the designs, concepts, and products manufactured by Artline for leading corporations, hospitals, hotels, retailers, and senior living networks throughout the United States and

Will excels at providing conceptual products and direction based on the client’s preferences. Not every client knows what they want but most know what they like. Will provides those creative solutions to new products or revisions to existing products that need to be adapted to meet evolving design requirements. Will specializes in in high profile and high volume projects and just about everything in between.


President & Owner

As Artline’s Senior Project Manager, Monique oversees and facilitates all of her team’s projects from beginning to end. With a degree in Interior Design and over 15 years experience, she has established herself as an Art Consulting authority, while bringing creativity and a balanced design sensibility to every project.


Senior Project Manager

Sasha, one of our Art Consultants, has a great eye for color and acute attention to detail. She strives for excellence with every art package she creates, and always thinks outside the box. Sasha has an Interior Architecture degree from UW Stevens Point and loves using her knowledge and creativity when selecting the perfect artwork for every project.


Art Consultant

Courtney has been a valuable team member of Artline for over six years and continues to provide clients with superior service. With a marketing degree from UW-Milwaukee, she brings her innovative creativity to generate unique and custom artwork packages. Courtney’s knowledge of Artline’s operations allows her to provide office coordination when necessary; she prides herself in meeting her clients’ expectations in a timely manner.


Art Consultant

Caitlyn puts her fine art and graphic design degree to good use as Artline’s Graphic Designer. A life-long artist, she enjoys creating specialized art, new product, and Artline promotional materials. With five years of creative team experience with, Caitlyn can collaborate on graphic design projects and help with other creative decisions as needed.


Graphic Designer

Melanie is a highly motivated designer with an associate of applied science interior design degree. She is a creative consultant with several years of industry experience working with designers and clients to create beautiful and functional spaces. She prides herself on her attention to detail and listens to her clients’ needs to create spaces that speak to their own interests and lifestyle. She believes in the power of art to not only enhance one’sdesign scheme but also touch our senses and to bring joy to any space!


Art Consultant

Kelly brings impeccable organizational and communication skills to her role as Artline’s Installation Coordinator. She hires all of our independent contractors for art installations across the country. She also uses her many years of creative experience to add input to art consulting and social media/marketing projects, while assisting with assisting other office work.


Installation Coordinator

Jane has been working at Artline for over 10 years and in that time has had many rolls to learn the business. Currently she is working in sales support and processing all incoming orders for production and facilitating poster orders. Using her art background, she handles some of the specialty work such as embellishing artwork and assembling ‘Yesterday Windows’ and other specialty art. Jane is also a photographer and has helped build Artline’s in-house photo library.


Sales Support

Barbara has been the CFO for Artline Ltd. for 26 years and has been a key player in the growth and success of the company. Along with taking care of the financial health of the company, Barbara takes on a leadership role.



Pete is the purchasing manager for Artline Ltd. Utilizing his fine art background and extensive inventory experience, he helps transform our designers’ vision into the high-quality products and environments that our clients expect.



Connie joined ArtLine Ltd. in 2016 bringing her 20 years of framing experience to the team. She has enjoyed her new role in production scheduling & supervision along with shipping and framing. When not at work Connie enjoys sports, gardening and spending time in the Northwoods, visiting with her parents.


Production Coordinator

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