What We Do

Your floor plan and design concept are ready and you’re eager to kick off the project. Now comes the difficult part. You need to shop for products that align with your design, research manufacturers for any custom needs, vet installers, figure out shipping and then hope that it will align with your installation date. All the while wondering if this process could be made easier.

How We Help

ArtLine brings your vision together from start to finish. We connect the dots from the floor plan and design to product manufacturing, shipping, and installation. Everything we sell is manufactured in-house and our nationwide network of professional installers, warehouse storage, and flexible shipping arrangements complete the full-service experience.

Here’s how we do it.


With a staff of experienced interior designers, we’re able to nurture your project from the very beginning. Using your floor plans and design concepts our team will work with you to visualize your ideas and provide the product selections that will bring them to life.


No turn key services involved here. Working with UPS, FedEx, and R&L Carriers, we handle all of the logistics for your project and only ship when you’re ready. We’ll even arrange warehouse storage and consolidation for you.


Installation is arguably one of the most important aspects of a project. This is exactly why we’ve partnered with a network of 96 fully bonded and insured installers nationwide. Meaning regardless of project size, installation is completed within 1-5 business days and by local-to-you installers.


Everything we sell is fabricated in-house. Not only does this promise superb quality with no middle man involved, but this allows you to take full creative control over your project. If there’s an idea you’ve had in mind, speak with an ArtLine consultant to create a custom plan.

Industries We Love Working With

Memory Care

We believe design is more than just looking pretty. It’s about functionality and the feelings that are evoked. This is especially true for our memory care clients. Our work focuses on resident needs so that their time spent in your facility is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Veteran Care

Whether you’re a veteran hospital or long-term care facility, ArtLine has a one of a kind product selection and expert design knowledge to help you honor your veteran patients. Our veteran themed artwork and wall murals, shadowboxes, elaborate display cases, skylights, and vintage flags will give your facility a whole new veteran themed look.

Healthcare & Senior Living

ArtLine is a one-stop source for unique products in healthcare and senior living. From artwork and murals to overbed lighting and display cases, we’re ready to partner with you to create an original environment that will put your facility’s patients at ease.


You’ve finally opened a new office or maybe you want to give your current space a new look. Whatever the case, we manage your project from selection to installation and transform your current corporate environment into one that represents your brand.


Nailing your brand is crucial when opening a new line of hotels. ArtLine pairs our design knowledge with your brand concepts to create a finished look that works seamlessly across your hotel franchise.
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